The project is located in the East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, near to Yaowa Lake Park and surrounded by the rich greening space. Therefore, the design team hopes to seek the balance between the city and nature to bring much more vitality and surprise to the local community while ensuring enough visual recognition and expanding a more diversified leisure life for consumers.


As a rising retail brand, fudi’s vision is to create a next-generation warehouse member store since its establishment. The word “fudi” also pronounces as “foodie”, it is an attitude towards tasty food. Fudi’s logo is a smiling face which also stands for a positive and passionate spirit.

fudi仓储会员店贯彻了fudi的品牌态度:“fudi is for foodies.”因此设计上也希望将这种热爱与包容的态度传递出来。

Fudi Warehouse Member Store has implemented fudi’s brand attitude: “fudi is for foodies”. Hence, the design also hopes to convey such love and tolerant attitude.


Fudi Warehouse Member Store is visually like an elastic green bubble. In order to show soft characteristics, all the boundaries are weakened into corners and have different openings in different positions, appearing to be able to find out the inner beauty through the cracks when the bubble opens.


The project is a four-storage building, including a retail area on the first floor and parking lots on the third and fourth floor. In the future, restaurants, parent-child paradise and more activity areas will be integrated, allowing people to experience more types of activities while enjoying shopping, and the surrounding residents will also have more places for daily leisure and relaxation.


The main body of the building is made from perforated metal. By day, the sunlight and tree shadows can intervene in the interior space in a softer way, while the indoor light at night can also diffuse into the outdoor space. At different moments of the day, the interaction between people and architecture keeps dynamic changes, which also enhances people’s sense of experience.

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