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Founded in 2020, DAK Architects is dedicated to explore the communication and sociability of architecture on the background of the current era. We think that the buildings are not only served as the coordinates in urban space, but also can become the typical symbols in virtual communication. 

In front of the revolution of the times, DAK can also maintain the sharp insight. There are more possibilities for the current integration between people and architecture. On the one hand, people are experiencing the reconstructed imaging symbols in virtual space. On the other hand, they also are willing to participate into the authentic urban space by virtue of media. Meanwhile, the forms and content of media are both more diversified. Therefore, we should think the forms and context of buildings, and their presentation and transmission modes at the same time. In this way, the buildings can show their potential values beyond themselves.

DAK’s practical projects covers a variety of types, including business, cultural, official, exhibition and the other types and concerning about their facades dealing, space renovation and urban renewal, etc. Moreover, we can also provide a series of appropriate schemes, such as planning, marketing, promoting and operating, based on the project types. Combining cultural and commercial property organically, we are accelerating the establishment of the brand image. According to the demands of market, we have also established a set of perfect and unique service systems, so as to endow much more meanings to the buildings in such kind of times full of changes and bring much more intimate emotion connections between people and architecture.



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